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eid announcement

Salah Time of IRCC

Salah Azan Jamat
Fajr 5:15 AM 5:30 AM
Zuhr 1:45 PM 2:00 PM
Asr 6:45 PM 7:00 PM
Magrib After Sunset
Isha 10:00 PM 10:15 PM

Jumah Timing – Centre will arrange 3 Jumah every Friday

Jumah Khutbah Jamat
1st Jumah 1:35 PM 1:45 PM
2nd Jumah 2:20 PM 2:30 PM
3rd Jumah 3:05 PM 3:15 PM
It is preferable to attend the 2nd or 3rd Jumah if you can make it comfortably.
Sisters can come to offer their Jumah Salah only in 3rd Jamat at 3:05 PM please.
Please follow all the guidelines that are mentioned below.


Tafsir & Duaa Program

As salamu ‘alaikum.

Dear Brothers/ Sisters in Islam

 Our weekly Tafsir & Duaa program will resume today Thursday August 6th at 9:00 PM (Eastern Time). New time for program:
Monday to Friday (5 Days a Week)
Toronto/New York 9:00pm California 6:00pm Bangladesh 7:00am
Lecture by: Mufti M. Aslamuddin Al-Azhari

The program will be broadcasted live from the following two links:

Live Audio: irccan.com/live

FaceBook Live (Video): fb.com/irccan

Was salam,

Islamic Research Centre of Canada Inc. (IRCC)


To make a donation for the Ashab-E Badr Fund, please click here to download the form
Kindly print it and once filled out, scan or take a clear picture of the form and send to info@irccan.com

ashab-e badr fund

Five Times Daily Prayers
Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha Prayers
Counseling, Interpretation of the Quran and Ahadith
Marriage/Nikah ceremonies

Our Evening and Weekend madrasha is Closed.  Please click here to fill out the online registration form and submit in the Office.

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