About Us

Islamic Research Centre (IRC) of Canada is a not for profit Islamic Centre located in a densely populated Muslim community in Scarborough, Ontario. We are purchasing a facility to provide a place of worship and learning centre for a large number of Muslims who live in the immediate vicinity.

In addition to providing a prayer facility, our vision is to serve the Muslim community of Canada by establishing an Islamic school, Hifz program, dawah outreach and funeral services. Alhamdulillah, the current facility has the infrastructure to make all these visions come true.

Under the leadership of our Imam, Mufti M. Aslamuddin Al-Azhari, we have established several programs and services for the youth and adults alike. These programs connect hundreds of Muslim families on a daily and weekly basis to the Masjid where they learn from qualified scholars and take part in various fun and productive activities. We strongly believe that engaging our youth as well as adults will result in a strong community where everyone will benefit from the beautiful teachings of Islam.