Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and by provincial government mandate of non essential businesses to close, as of Tuesday March 24th 11:59 PM, Islamic Research Center of Canada INC. (IRCC) with a very heavy heart has temporarily suspended all 5 times daily salaah, the weekly Jumma Salaah and all other activities until further notice.

All brothers and sisters are humbly requested to perform their salaah at home with Jamaah (congregation) and continuously make Dua to all mighty Allah for protection and safety for all in these unprecedented times of difficulty.

Please join our regular Dua program everyday 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time through live streaming at and a conference line; details are below. We recommend and encourage everyone to use our live streaming web address.

Dial-in-numbers: 1-867-292-3030 or 1-587-405-1252
Access code: 2481270

May Allah remove this difficulty soon.
Islamic Research Center of Canada Inc. (IRCC)