IRC Canada offers a range of daily, weekly and monthly programs to engage the community. We offer specialized programs geared towards the youth, sisters and adults. We aim to go above and beyond to provide a safe and productive atmosphere where the community can grow and learn together.

Weekly Live Tafsir and Dua Program

Mufti Aslamuddin’s Live Lecture
Monday and Thursday

5 Times Daily Prayer

IRC Can offers a large and accessible prayer facility for 5 daily prayers. There are separate prayer sections for brother and sisters. An updated prayer time table can be found on our home page.

Weekly Jumah Prayer

Please come and join us for Jumah Prayer every Friday. Our large facility is able to accommodate thousands of Muslims during this blessed day.

Evening Madrassah

Daily classes for children. Cost is $40/child for weekday classes and $30/child for weekend classes. Learn more about the classes available by clicking here.

Community Retreat

Every Sunday, the Muslim community gathers to play and pray. We have gym facility where the attendees can enjoy badminton, table tennis and various other sports. Food is served after the conclusion of the program.

Tafsir Program

The weekly Tafsir program is carried out by Mufti M. Aslamuddin Al-Azhari. The program takes place every Friday. You are invited to join us with your family.

Monthly Itikaf

Monthly itikaf program where Muslims come together to spend an evening of reminders, dhikr and tahajjud prayer. This is a great initiative for reviving the imaan.

Facility Rental for Special Events - Future Plan

In the future, we plan to offer facility rental services for hosting weddings and other special events. Click here for more information.

Ramadan Program

Path to Piety

Eid Prayers

Islamic Events

Youth Program

Community Events